Welcome to Riccardo Catella Foundation

The Riccardo Catella Foundation sponsors community and cultural projects to promote excellent practices in architecture and territorial planning, encouraging the activation of networks and beneficial processes for the improvement of urban quality.

“Partecipare è condividere”.

Riccardo Catella

PianoCity Milano 2018

Fondazione Riccardo Catella, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, opens the doors of the public park construction site for a music marathon with four young talents from the Accademia di Imola. A unique opportunity to get a sneak peak of Milan’s new cultural park, the green heart of Porta Nuova skyline with its important botanical collection designed by Inside|Outside Petra Blaisse and Piet Oudolf.

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It’s time to get back in the vegetable gardens! The horticulture workshops for kids and families in the public garden of via G. de Castillia are back! We Grow Together! aims at promoting an healthy lifestyle and diet through an hands on experience with vegetable gardens.

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Mi Coltivo, Orto a scuola

"MiColtivo, Orto a Scuola" is a program with the aim of encouraging the younger generation to adopt a correct and healthy diet through the concrete experience of educational vegetable and fruit gardens, placed in the courtyards of the city's public schools, providing a redevelopment of these public green spaces.

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Porta Nuova Smart Community

In 2015, Fondazione Riccardo Catella launched "Porta Nuova Smart Community" program beginning with Porta Nuova area where the FRC’s headquarter is located. PNSC encourages community engagement through cultural projects, educational and creative workshops as well as initiatives for green areas and public spaces.

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