Italy stands Up

Fondazione Riccardo Catella and  Associazione Cometa present “Italy stands Up”, a project conceived with the goal of building a path to designing an outdoor chair that involved young students of the School and Oliver Twist them approached the world of design and work.

The project is part of the multi-year civic program  “People’s Projects” sponsored by Fondazione Riccardo Catella, dedicated to  promotion and animation of public spaces and is a part of the 2015 program dedicated to the Porta Nuova Smart Community.

The synergy created between the two non-profit entities is based on shared values and on the conviction that the “know how” and the community can be the engine for the development and growth of our country. The route for the design of outdoor chair becomes a synthesis of this conviction and the chair becomes the mirror of an urban social renewed.

The chair’s design stems from the involvement of 70 students attending courses of carpentry and textile at the School Association Comet Oliver Twist in a dedicated training course led by three professional designers, Philippe BestenheiderGiopato&CoombesMario Ferrarini, who participated in the project with great availability and enthusiasm and who were joined by the teachers of the school.

The three finalists are:

Diagonal  by Philippe Bestenheider with Oliver Twist School’s students

Le Gerle by Mario Ferrarini with Oliver Twist School’s students

Peonia by Giopato & Coombes with Oliver Twist School’s students

The three finalists, made by Ethimo, were exposed during the Design Week 2015 in Wheatfield  by Agnes Denes the wheat of field in the area of Porta Nuova, and subjected to a double vote: public, activated by sending an SMS to number and online on the Facebook page of the Porta Nuova Smart Community from 13rd to 30th of April 2015, which recorded the appreciation from the people, and by a jury chaired by Michele De Lucchi and composed of Carlo Feltrinelli, Luca Doninelli, Alida Catella, Valerio Castelli, Erasmo Figini, Andreas Kipar and Gian Paolo Migliaccio, who has won a judgment based on certain technical categories.

The Foundation Riccardo Catella has analyzed the results of the public vote and the jury for the identification of the chair that winner was announced at the press conference last June 17 and has been identified in the project LE GERLE designed by Mario Ferrarini and Oliver Twist School’s students.

Panniers, by designer, Fondazione Riccardo Catella and the Associazione Cometa, will be put into production and on sale by Ethimo: the royalties from the sales will go to support the Associazione Cometa, in the civic actions promoted by  Fondazione Riccardo Catella, in part to the designer. The first 100 copies of the winning seat will be showcased at the event as part of the Porta Nuova Porta Nuova Smart Community Festival.


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