Milan Open Portrait

Fondazione Riccardo Catella, with the patronage of the Comune di Milano, the Politecnico and the Triennale, presents the Milan Open Portrait: From Sunday 11 to Sunday 18 June 2017 a Dark Room was installed in the square Alvar Aalto, at Porta Nuova.

The project, halfway between photography of landscape, design and public art, is thought of as a bridge event between the two Milan PhotoWeek and Milan Arch Week events and aims to promote an interactive experience around the city’s image.

Milan Open Portrait is a project by Antonio Ottomanelli, an artist who found in photography the instrument to investigate the territory not as a landscape but as a mirror of social dynamics and geopolitical tensions.

By framing a glimpse of Porta Nuova, the device realized a monumental and moving portrait of that area and its daily life. The Dark Room, realized through a collective laboratory workshop involving the Gallab lab – whose children were photographed daily on social-promoted by the Non-Reserved Association, is in wood, with plasterboard interior and finished with natural absorbent paints Bright: it was possible to observe the impression process of the external images shot through the hole on the back wall – on which was applied a photosensitive emulsion that was record a latent image of the urban view.

On the occasion of the transition between Milan PhotoWeek (promoted and co-ordinated by the Comune di Milano, Department of Culture, realized in collaboration with ArtsFor) and the Milan Arch Week (promoted by the Comune di Milano, Politecnico di Milano and Triennale di Milano, Stefano Boeri’s artistic work), the House was publicly set up and the impression on the plate began with the opening of the diaphragm on the first day of Milan Arch Week on June 12th.
The photosensitive wall was remain exposed for the next week until the end of the event. On the last day of Milan Arch Week, the photosensitive wall was developed locally, revealing the photographic portrait. The resulting image, a moving, collective and grandiose portrait of a city portion and a week of his daily life, was revealed to the city. At the end of the event, the Dark Room was dismantled and reused for other initiatives in the area in other Italian cities.

Milano Open Portrait, sponsored by COIMA SGR, with the support of Marazzi, an international brand leader in the ceramic tile industry, is a project within the Porta Nuova Smart Community.

Milan Open Portrait, whose media partners are Icon Design, Icon and TgCom24, is part of the IDD – Innovation Design District that, along with Porta Nuova Smart Community, promotes special initiatives related to architecture and design.


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