Tourism, Culture and Long-term Investment

Tourism, Culture and Long-term Investment: Heritage Assets Management in the XXI Century

On Thursday 26th of October 2017, Fondazione Riccardo Catella, together with the Sovereign Investment Lab (SIL), and with the support of COIMA SGR, promoted a workshop with the aim of involving top international experts, institutional investors, and policy makers to discuss the frontiers in cultural heritage asset management and investment, the risk and opportunities of tourism & heritage funds and the economic and institutional challenges affecting the launch of cultural tourism as an engine for sustainable development in Italy.

Heritage assets, broadly defined as assets held and maintained principally for their contribution to knowledge and culture (e.g. museums, galleries, historic properties and related sites) represent a qualifying part of the wealth of nations, and contribute to strengthen identity, social cohesion, and civic consciousness. The economic impact of heritage is also significant given the premium qualities of cultural tourism in terms of receipts and sustainability.

A significant share of world heritage is today severely jeopardized, as tight public budget conditions shrink the resources devoted to heritage asset preservation and management. In some countries hit by war and terrorism, iconic sites have been even attacked and devastated, with dramatic consequences on inbound tourism flows and countries’ economic prospects. Protecting and promoting heritage assets investment is thus a cultural and economic imperative across the board.

But how to achieve this goal? How can heritage in combination with tourism facilities become an investable asset class in its own right? Can public-private partnerships be activated to successfully unlock economic value, and blend cultural impact and financial returns? Which are the challenges and opportunities in Italy, being one of the most gifted nations in terms of cultural heritage?

Workshop speakers: Manfredi Catella (Presidente Fondazione Riccardo Catella); Bernardo Bortolotti (Direttore SIL, Università Bocconi), Peter Debrine (World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme, UNESCO), Giovanna Segre (Università di Torino), Angeles Alarco Canosa (Presidente Paradores de Turismo, Spagna), Mauro Felicori (Direttore Reggia Caserta), Marco Magnifico (Vice Presidente Esecutivo, FAI), Berend van der Lans (African Architecture Matters, Paesi Bassi), Cristina Garcia-Peri (CEO Hispania Activos Immobiliarios), Andrea Grassi (Delegato al turismo, ANCI), Stefano Mantella (Direttore strategie immobiliari e innovazione, Agenzia del Demanio), Guido Rivolta (CEO Cdp Equity), Carolina Botti (Diretore Ales Spa, MiBACT)

Download here:

• the Workshop Program
• the speakers’ presentations (Peter Debrine, Marco Magnifico, Berend Van Der Lans, Cristina Garcia, AAndrea Gnassi, Stefano Mantella, Guido Rivolta)


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