Wheatfield by Agnes Denes

Among the skyscrapers and futuristic buildings of Porta Nuova has been realized Wheatfield, a work of environmental art by American artist Agnes Denes (1931), an impressive piece of ecological Land Art conceived in 1982 to bring the public’s attention to some values that the globalised society was increasingly taking for granted, such as the sharing of food and energy resources, the protection of the land and environment, and an economic and social growth that respects the quality of life of individuals and the community.

First created in New York in 1982, in a hectare of land in Battery Park City, Wheatfield has remained in public memory as one of the most famous works of environmental art, a masterpiece with a strong symbolism and vast transgressive force. Wheatfield allows nature to take back the city with a simple image that has however a strong ecological impact: a field of wheat grows in the heart of Milan, shaded by the city’s skyscrapers and once more becomes a focal point of our everyday life. Agnes Denes’ intervention is also considered a cornerstone of feminism: in fact, through Wheatfield the artist seizes possession of the land and celebrates its generation power.

The Fondazione Riccardo Catella and the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi invited Agnes Denes to create Wheatfield in Milan for the Expo and the artist accepted in order to repeat this message of a return to the simplicity and concreteness of the earth, giver of life and prosperity. In fact, Wheatfield, is not merely a work of art but a universal concept, a large motor of aggregation and social commitment, which will involve thousands of citizens in the cultivation phases in an experience linked to Italy’s agricultural history: from sowing to harvest and threshing, thanks to support by the agricultural workers of Confagricoltura, the oldest national organisation to represent “Made in Italy” agriculture.

The piece extends over five hectares (50,000 square metres) in the area of the future “Tree Library” public park. To create it, 15,500 cubic metres of cultivation soil were brought here, and 1,250 kilos of Odyssey type wheat seeds were used as well as around 5,000 kilos of fertiliser.

9.000 citizens partecipated to 3 collective celebration events:

Sowing Festival: 28 February 2015, more then 5.000 citizens partecipated to symbolic sowing of Wheatfield

Inauguration and opening: 11 April 2015

Harvest Festival: 9 July 2015, after sowing, the citizens partecipated to the wheat harvest party of Wheatfield


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